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Meet Steve Wensley and Ethan Delight, co-owners of Prime Light Media. They have been friends for many years, and are both Okanagan raised. They share a love for all things outdoors, ever ready for adventure. Steve is charming, energetic and always has a smile on his face. Ethan is committed, bold, and will never be found absent an excellent haircut.


These two are often mistaken as brothers, and for good reason. One defining trait they share is intense focus. When they decide to do something, there is no deterring either of them from the mission - just ask their wives.

When it comes to photography and cinematography (yes, they do both), their focus and attention to detail is unmatched. You can hire one or the other, or better yet both. They will be there from sun up to long after sundown, ensuring your beautiful day is captured fully, uniquely and artistically.

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